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Zwickau is in Saxony. It has nine churches, although as yet we have only explored the cathedral. The town itself boasts many Green Men and I am most grateful (and in debt in terms of beer) to my colleague and good friend, Daniel Costello for his efforts in finding and photographing all the images here.


Wooden pew end. A quite unique interpretation of the Green Man These carvings are simple and almost naive. I wonder if they were done by an apprentice. As carvers are rarely recorded in church records by name, we will never know
These faces are unusual in that the foliage comes out the sides A fourth image
Roof Boss We have found similar style carvings in Halberstadt and Nordhausen
External. A simply spectacular main entrance to the cathedral hides a number of Green Man images A close up of the Tympanum over the main entrance. A face emerges from the tree of life
A second image emerging from the branches of the tree of life External Corbel
An external carving very like those inside the cathedral Click on the picture to see an enlarged version. This unbelievable piece of carving shows a tree of life full of faces and animals
Domplatz. A most unsual carving, almost ghoulish Another unusual carving on the Domplatz. A wide yawning mouth with foliage coming from his head and chin

Other locations

Bosestr. Another carving on the Bosestr.
Bosestr again! Dr. Friedrichsstr.
Hauptmarkt The two carvings on the spectacular building on Hauptmarkt
Osterweihstr. Jugenstil carving A second similar carving on the same building
Walther Rathenaustr. Similar carving on the same building
Another similar carving Werdauerstr. A beautiful carving on a building frontage
A second carving on the Werdauerstr as part of a coat of arms Werdauerstr. An enigmatic Jugendstil carving
Carolastr. Poetenweg