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Trier lies on the western bank of the Mosel River in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. (Rheinland-Palatinate.) It is the oldest large city in Germany, having already established a population in the tens of thousands before 100 AD. Green Men are to be found everywhere; in the churches, on buildings, memorials and fountains.
Cathedral Cloisters. There are very many Green Men roof bosses here, all slightly different. The Cloisters are C.13th. These Green Men were taken from a ruined Roman temple and reused in the new church. I love the expression on this one's face.
Some of them like this one are quite badly eroded.
A really wonderful carving.
Use of different leaf shapes.
Unfortunate that this one is damaged. A pulpit in the cathedral. There are Green Men or foliate heads all around it.
A second of the pulpit carvings. Probably C. 17th. A staircase in the the cathedral has ornaments at the top with Green Man carvings all the way around. These are probably the same date as the pulpit.
A second of the carvings. They are all very slightly different.
. This fantastic Green Man is a gem in itself, but the position is perplexing. It would appear that the wall to the right of the carving was added later, and the carving left to look at it instead of out into the church.

St. Paulus Kirche

Capital in the nave
St. Matthias Kirche The front of St. Matthews dates from 1719. It is an elaborate facade and surprisingly has 9 Foliate heads. Inside the church little remains of the early church and it is mostly baroque.
A closer view of one of the 8 foliate heads on the facade of the church. All the 8 images are different..
The imposing facade of St. matthews.. The 9th Green Man right in the centre and sticking his tongue out!.

Other locations

Haus des Handels Haus des Handels
Haus des Handels Liebfrauenkirche. On the main entrance portal. Shame he is damaged.
Saalstr. 29. There are lots of Green men on buildings on this street which goes from the Matthiaskirche to the town centre. Saalstr. 30.Such a wonderful carving.
Saalstr. Saalstr.
Saalstr. Saalstr.
St. Antoniuskirche. Memorial. St. Antoniuskirche. Memorial.
Christoph Str. 8 Christoph Str. 27
Hotel Romisher kaiser Ratskeller on the marketplace. This female foliate head peers down at diners outside the Ratskeller.