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Schweinfurt is in Bavaria, in the Lower Franconia (Unterfranken) Region. I have played there with our Orchestra on a number of occasions and so have had time to hunt for Green Men. The Church of St. John dates from the C.12th, although the Nave and Choir were built in the C.14 - 15th.


Corbel in the chancel A second Green Man in the chancel. An arch stop over looking the Alter and not at all visible from the Nave.
In the nave of the church. The face of this green man is delicate leaves and he has branches emerging from his head. Outside the Church over the front entrance. Apart from this carving the entrance is completely plain.
A second Green Man on the south side of the church. The Church also has two fantastic Tympanum with many carvings of strange beasts On the same tympanum as the green Man on the left

Other locations

Relief carving on Fischerain Spital Str in the town centre
The Town Hall (Rathaus) in Schweinfurt has a number of Green Men. I had previously not included these on the website. I received a severe chastising from my colleagues in the orchestra, who also now look for Green Men, for not having put the photos on the website. So, Christiana and Matthias, just for you..... here are some of them!