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Rothenburg is a picture pretty town in Bayern. It boasts almost complete city walls and loads of "Fachwerk" (wood timbered) houses.

St. Jakobkirche

The Church of St. James lies just off the market place in Rothenburg. The church was built between 1311-1484. Its east chancel was completed in 1322, the nave built from 1373-1436, and west choir, which bridges the street, from 1453-1471.
External corbel stop. External corbel stop.
Nave roof boss. Nave roof boss.
Nave roof boss. Nave roof boss. This unusual carving extends over both sides of a central arch in the nave, towards the entrance to the chancel.
Nave roof boss. Nave roof boss.
Arch stop in Organ loft. A second Arch stop opposite the other pictured here in the organ loft.
A strange arch stop in the nave. Here a bearded man is crawling from foliage. Arch stop in the nave.

Spitalkirche (Heilig Geist)

A cheerful painted arch stop in the nave. Roof boss. These two carvings are similar to those in the Deutschhauskirche in Wurzburg. Given the proximity of the two towns, it is possible the same carver was at work in the two churches.
Ratstrinkstube. This carving was possibly originally in a different position as it seems out of place here on the town hall. More likely it was a corbel stop in a church originally. Fountain in the market square. There are different foliate head images on each side of the fountain.
Fountain 2 Fountain 3