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Regensburg (sometimes known as Ratisbon in English) is a beautiful medieval town in Bayern. It has many churches, the impressive cathedral overshadowing them all. We didn't have time to look at all the churches on our short visit there, and will return to complete the research in Regensburg.


West entrance, to right of main entrance. Two teeth-bearing Green Men adorn a corbel under a statue West entrance arch stop
South side arch stop A wonderful Green Man corbel under a statue on the south side of the cathedral
A close up of the same Corbel under staute of the "smiling angel". This foliate head is smiling too
Corbel under a staute on the west end of the cathedral A beautiful gold plated foliate head roof boss
This Green Man roof boss was very difficult to photograph in a dark cathedral without the aid of a tripod Another stunning Green Man roof boss
External foliate head under a statue on the west entrance of the cathedral A female foliate head on the west entrance of the cathedral
A Green Man hiding in a corner of the west entrance A simply beautiful carving. An example of the classic Green Man image.West end
Corbel under a staute on the West side. His neighbour is showing his teeth On the south side of the cathedral are a great many Green Men and folate head carvings. Here numbers 1 and 2
3. A relief carving 4 and 5. Corresponding to 1 and 2 above
An arch on the south side. Here shown are the first 5 Green Men and foliate heads on this arch A close up of the point of the arch
The 6th foliate head as arch stop Number 7 foliate head on the arch
8 and 9 10,11 and 12
13. A female or childlike foliate head The other arch stop (14)
6. Another arch stop A Green animal corbel in the cathedral

St. Ulrich

At the end of the south side of the dom and its shadow is the small St. Ulrich church, now a museum
A painted Green Man roof boss in St. Ulrich A second rather strange roof boss
A more traditional roof -boss

Other locations

Dreieinigkeitskirche (Holy Trinity). Door to church. Wooden carving A second carving on the door to the Holy Trinity church
And a third carving Gesandtenstr. 5. On either side of a doorway, a Green Man and this female foliate head, presumably moved here from somewhere else, have been set into the wall
The Green Man. A wonderful carving The doorway of the same address boasts a further foliate head