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Quedlinburg is a chocolate-box pretty medieval town at the edge of the Herz region of Saxon-Anhalt. There are streets of wood-timbered houses surrounding the market place and overlooked by the Stiftskirche.

St. Nikolaskirche

There are 3 wonderful roof bosses in the Nikolaskirche. These photos were taken by my husband
This Green Man is on a memorial in the Nave

Other locations

The first of two very old Green Man carvings, which have been set into the outside of the Stadtkirche
Poelken Str 1-2 Schlossberg (castle mount) entrance. An unusual carving which looks as though it has been replaced here from a different location
A capital in the Stiftskirche. Every one of the capitals in this church has wonderful relief carvings Opposite the entrance to the Stadtkirche. Railings with two Green Men images, foliage looking like a tongue poking out