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Petersberg (Saxony-Anhalt)

Petersberg in Saxon-Anhalt lies about 12km from Halle. The hill has a height of 250m, making it quite a landmark in the otherwise flat landscape of Saxon-Anhalt. The monestry here was founded in 1128. The church was restored in the 1900s.

Former Augustine Stiftskirche St. Petrus

A capital in the Nave. There are a number of interesting carvings on the capitals in the church, apart from the the two shown here. Others show bible stories, and fables from the bestiarys. A second capital showing a peasant holding up two branches.
A memorial dating from 1567 shows a number of Green Men along the front and sides. This one wraps around the side of the memorial. Along the front of the memorial are a number of interlinked Green Men such as this one.
Damaged - the foliage emerges only from one side of his mouth. Over a grave stone on the memorial.