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Northamptonshire Gu - Z

Guilsborough St. Michael
 Guilsborough has a huge number of fantastic carvings including a set of roof bosses indicating the 7 ages of man. Also, another pair of Green Man and Lady as arch stops into the chancel Green Man chancel arch
Arch stop in the chancel

Higham Ferrers Mary the virgin

 A rather dusty Green Man window stop in the South aisle. Oak leaves emerging from his nostrils. Spencer family memorial in the chancel. A Green Lady. The symbolism of rebirth and rejuvernation must have been a comfort to the family. Probably Oak leaves.
The side of a misericord in the chancel. Broad leaves come from the sides of his mouth. Notice he has two very prominent front teeth Green Man or not? A roof boss in the nave. Obviously a bishop, but with gold-leaved leaves around his head

Kelmarsh St Denys/St Dionysius

 A water spout at the back of the church. A beautiful carving Corbel in the nave
A second stunning corbel in the nave

Lamport All hallows

 A fascinating find! What looks like a lump of stone under a table by the door, turned out on further investigation to be a Green Man carving, on what would have been a water spout. Although his mouth is broken, the leaves coming up the sides of where it would have been are clear to see

Nether Heyford St. Peter with Paul

. Rather threatening looking with his tongue poking out and showing his teeth

Oundle St. Peter's

A wooden corbel. Showing his teeth, with his mouth wide open, this Green Man is quite fierce looking. Perhaps he warns church-goers to respect the power of nature. Much more benevolent, this roof boss in St. Peters is interesting as the nose forms a tree trunk from which branches emerge, forming his brow and eyes. It is such a shame it is so covered in cobwebs! Possibly there are acorns or another fruit or nut around his cheeks and temples.
A third roof boss, similar in style to the second

Oundle school arts centre

The arts building of Oundle school is right next door to the church. There are large number of green Men around it's exterior  

Pitsford All saints

In the porch. Rather decayed and difficult to see. This is similar to the carvings in Finedon, with twisted vines of foliage coming from his mouth. The head is to the left of the photo, with the foliage coming out to the right

Preston Capes St. Peter with Paul


Rushden St. Mary

Part of the corbel table on the exterior of the church Cheerful looking Green Man roof boss in the nave. Rahter a crude carving. I am not sure what the seeds emerging from the pods are.
A second more sinister looking wooden roof boss, showing his teeth and sticking his tongue out A third wooden roof boss. Compare this Green Man to the Bugbrooke wooden carving

Rushden Natwest Bank, High Street

The frontage of the Natwest bank has a huge number of Green Men carvings Green Man carvings are quite common on banks, postoffices, town halls and otehr such important public buildings.
A wonderful foliate head  

Spratton St. Andrew

 Corbel in nave Wooden Green Man roof boss
A wonderful poppyhead on a pew end

Twywell St. Nicolas

An early Green Man on the easter sepulche in the church

Wadenhoe St. Michael and all angels

 Beautifully serene Green Man in the porch Opposite the other corbel in the porch. Another Male / Female pairing
Corbel in the church. Quite different in style from the Green Men in the porch. I would think this carving is earlier than those in the porch. Font. Elaborate foliage emerges from the top of his head. The symbolism of rejuvernation and rebirth is apt on a baptism font.


Green Man carving on a lead box (external) On the same box

Woodford St. Mary

Two capitals near the bell tower  

Wollaston Blessed virgin Mary

 A beautiful little Green Dragon on the back of the church. He obviously has been moved here and is much older than most of the church, which fell down the hill in the 1700s. Of the old church only the tower remains. There are Green Men and other carvings all the way around the corbel table, each carving linked by foliage coming from the mouth or eyes.
Another example

Yardley Hastings

Partially hidden under a Statue is this wonderful carving. Again as in other churches in Northamptonshire we are seeing Oak leaves emerging from the nose. External.