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Northamptonshire (A - Gr)

In a joint research project with my mother I am trying to visit every church in Northamptonshire to make a full record of all the carvings (not just the Green Men) in the churches. I have included just the Green Men here.

Achurch St. John the Baptist

Maddy Aldis-Evans and marion Aldis signing the visitor's book in Achurch St. John the Baptist. Water spout at the rear of the church. Metal

Aldwincle St. Peter

One of two Green Man carvings on the chancel arch The second chancel arch Green Man, or rather, Green Lady
A capital in the nave

Benefield (Lower) St. Mary

There are two Green Men in the porch of the church, here above and right  
A beautiful pair Green Man and Lady Window stops behind the organ
Corbel in the nave Misericord. There are other misericords in the church also with great carvings

Brigstock St. Andrew

 2 Green Man images carved from wood on a screen  

Brixworth All saints

I am not sure that this is a Green Man. It could be a face puller. There are other carvings in the church which are definately face pullers and there is a muzzled bear.

Bugbrooke St. Michael

 A crowned face with branches emerging from his head. It is crude, but the likely symbolism is the Green Man A second strange carving in the chancel of the church. One could argue this is just leaves, but we feel the presence of facial features is too deliberate, even the crossing leaves forming a nose. We are convinced this was intended as a Green Man

Charwelton St. Nicolas

 On the font. A crowned head with delicate leaves coming from his mouth Corbel Green Man? Or a face puller?

Creaton St Michael

A corbel in the nave

Crick St Margaret

 Arch stop in the chancel

Dodford Mary the virgin

 Window stop. A crowned Green Man Pew end in the chancel

Everdon St. Mary

Everdon has a lovely wooden screen with many interesting carvings including this Green Man

Fawsley St. Mary

Fawsley has stunning pew ends. The little church, only accesible through a field is a real gem. The carvings on the pew boxes tell a whole range of stories, and included, near the door, is this Green Man

Finedon St. Mary

 Finedon church has a number of Green Men carvings, and indded they are very well known. If you are there, take time to look at the other carvings, which include gossiping women and face-pullers These two are on capitals in the nave
Chancel arch This roof boss in the porch is rather decayed, but the Green Man, open mouthed with foliage emerging and wrapping around his head is still clear
Two Green Man roof bosses in the nave. This one is sticking his tongue out. For some reason, this Green Man is wearing a red hat! The original of course may not have been painted red.

Flore All saints

 Two capitals in the nave  

Gayton St. Mary

Green Man carving, unfortunately damaged, on the cobel table on the tower of the church Green Men heads on a tomb in the church
The altar screen in the church is covered with tiny carivngs. It was very difficult to photograph as it was backlit and very dark, but here in corner of one of the panels is a tiny Green Man On the opposite corner of the same panel, which also included the head of a bishop in the main body of the panel

Great Brington Mary the virgin

 Two Poppy heads (the carvings on the sides of pews) with different Green Man carvings. These are really beautiful carvings

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