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Nürnberg (Nuremberg)

Nuremberg (Nuernberg in German) is a large city in Bavaria. It has many churches including the ones featured here that have Green Men: St. Jakob, St. Lorenz and St. Seebald. The Frauenkirche has been completely rebuilt and has no Green Men at all.


The garden at the side of the church is only accessible through a door normally locked. I was lucky that the Priest was in the church when I was there, and pleased at my enthusiasm for his Green Men, showed me this one A corbel in the chancel
A second corbel in the chancel. It is not visable from the nave, and looks towards the Altar A most remarkable Green Man underneath a statue to the left of the Alter. It is only about 2 feet off the floor


Two Arch Stops here left and right in the Nave, North Aisle. This one is opposite the one here on the left
A second pair, this time corbels Again, this one is opposite the one here on the left. Stylistically the two pairs are obviously related
Another corbel pair Quite different in style from the others but again similar as a pair.
The side of a Misericord A second misericord, slightly damaged, but the foliage coming from his mouth is still clearly visable.
Four Roof Bosses I apologise for the quality of this one. I actually thought that this wasn't a Green Man when I took the photo, and so didn't take much care with it. Only when I saw the photo on my computer did I see the face peeking out!
Although similar in style, they are all slightly different
These two fantastic carvings are opposite each other in the entrance to the church that faces the market place The second, a foliate head
External arch stop. Similar in style to one of the pairs of corbels inside the church


They refused to let me use a tripod in this church, so I had to do my best without. Sorry for the less than great quality of some of these! The roof bosses were especially difficult, but I made use of conveniently placed chairs and tables.
A corbel under a statue A strange arch stop in the Nave. Looking closely I wonder if this is in fact foliage or an animal emerging from his mouth. Look at the left hand side. Is that a beak of some sort? There is a very similar carving in Koenigslutter
An arch stop. Rather damaged unfortunately The first of five Green Man roof bosses. Similar in style to the Cologne Dom roof boss
There are a great many Green Men on the exterior of the Seebald Kirche. They are all behind netting, so difficult to photograph. Here are 3 examples.

Other locations

Fountain in the Hauptmarkt (main market) opposite the Town Hall This foliate head especially reminds me of the external Lorenzkirche carvings. This fountain was built from 1385-1396, after the church, so it is possible that the carver (Heinrich Beheim) was influenced by the Lorenzkirche
A third carving