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Meißen in Saxony is the home of the famous Meißen Porcelain. The town is also well known as a producer of wine. The town's population has shrunk drastically since German reunification, but still thrives as a tourist resort, with many old timber framed buildings as well as the impressive cathedral and castle

Dom zu Meißen / Schloss

Bearded Arch stop Green Man in the Nave This capital could only be photographed from the side, but the profile of his nose is clear to see, as are the vines trialing from his mouth (far capital)
Nave Capital. Another bearded Green Man Similar in style to the capital on the left
Another capital, this one bearing his teeth. The atmospheric lighting comes from Alan's torch, as the Capital was not at all lit, and the cathedral quite dark A roof boss close to the capital on the left showing a slightly more benign Green Man
A chapel at the rear of the church containing a large memorial, also is home to this fantastic Green Man External Green Man. Very simple with the leaves emerging from strands coming from his mouth
A second external Green Man, very similar in style to the first A Green Man Arch Stop on the outside of the Castle, right next door to the cathedral. He seems strangely placed, next to a menacing grotesque