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Green Man hunter Peter Scherer first made me aware of some of the Green Men in the Elizabethkirche, Marburg. Obviously I had to go and see them for myself! These first images are all on the arch over the rood screen separating the nave from the chancel. They are reported to date from around 1290, the same age as the stone rood screen. These, however are wood and don't fit either stylistically or architechtually to the rood screen.

Elizabethkirche Triumphbogen

All these carvings are on the "Triumphbogen" (Arch) and date from 1290


Under a pew in the chancel A second similar carving
In a side chapel, where the remains of St. Elizabeth lay until the 1950s


A roof boss in the nave has two Green Man heads, one to either side. The one facing the church entrance has his mouth closed but the one facing the altar has his mouth open perhaps showing the Christian looking to God

Lutheran Church

Roofboss in the Lutheran Church. Like the roof bosses in the Elizabethkirche, these two Green Men are on either side of the roof boss, one facing the church door and this one, open mouthed, facing the altar The closed mouth roof boss looking towards the church door and perhaps away from God
On a tomb to the left of the Altar. A beuatiful, serene foliate head protecting the grave below On a second tomb, next to the one on the left. Here a Green Lion looks over the grave

Other Locations

Barfußstr Barfußstr number 46. A Row of Foliate heads, all different decorate this building front
Barfußstr number 46 Barfußstr number 46
Barfußstr number 40. A wonderful foliate head Marburg in the area of the Lutheran Church
Marktstr number 18/20 Neustadt number 2