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Mainz is the capital town (Landeshauptstadt) of Rheinland Pfalz. The cathedral dominates the market place and town centre, but the jewel in the crown is the St. Stephan Kirche, which houses the most beautiful windows designed by Chagrall - as well as some magnificent Green Men. The meeting of energy lines is phenominally strong in the church.


External. Main Portal arch. A second similar external carving  
A further view of the main arch. Memorial  
Memorial Roof boss in side chapel (Nave)  
Memorial Memorial  
Roof Boss. Nave. External. Similar images appear all around the towers of the cathedral.  
Nave. Wooden door.    

St. Stephan

Very little of the original church remains following destruction in the 1600s and then in 1945. The restoration has been undertaken in a very sympathetic way, aiming to restore the church to its orignal. What remains has been restored. What is new is wonderful.

Nave. Roof boss.

Nave. Roof boss.

Nave. Roof Boss. Cloisters. Arch Stop.
Cloisters. Underneath a statue. Cloisters. Arch Stop.
Cloisters. Arch Stop.

Cloisters. Remains from destruction in WW2. This

fantastic carving now lies on the floor in the cloisters.

Cloisters. Garden. Cloisters. Memorial.
Cloisters. Memorial.  


Other locations

Marktplatz Marktplatz
Markplatz Markplatz. Green Man looking down from a statue