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Magdeburg is the state town of Saxon-Anhalt. It is the home of the fantastic Hundertwasser building "Der Grüne Zitadelle" and has a vast Cathedral, with countless Green Men. The Cathedral of St. Catherine and Maurice was constructed over the period of 300 years starting from 1209, and the completion of the steeples took place only in 1520. The first church built in 937 at the location of the current cathedral was an abbey called St. Maurice, dedicated to St. Maurice.

Magdeburger Dom

The well known corbel in the cathedral. But although his is the face we know from Green Man books, he is just one of very many Roof boss in the nave. Surprisingly, perhaps, the only roof boss Green Man in the cathedral
Misericord in the choir An archway above a door. Elaborate vines emerge from the mouth of the face at the bottom
A capital in the nave. Here a total of 11 Green Men on the one capital! I have seen such a capital as this nowhere else Similar in style to the Green Men on the left. This one, also on a capital in the nave, is quite difficult to spot. The Green Man is hidden amongst foliage
A capital. Faces peer out from long stems One of the many strange carvings in the cathedral
Faces peering out of stems of foliage. Similar in style to the capital above A wonderful capital with Green Man images on two sides. On this side an animal head with foliage coming from it's mouth and sprouting from it's head. On the right hand side a human face with foliage spewing from his mouth. Stunning
An animal peering out from foliage on a capital in the nave On a memorial in the cathedral
Corbel in the cloisters A capital in the cloisters
Another capital in the cloisters

Sankt Sebastian Kirche

Also known as the Catholic Cathedral in Magdeburg, the Church of St.Sebastian dates from 1015, but was re-styled in the 1400s.
Corbel. Beautifully painted A very strange image, but obviously a foliate mask, if not somewhat abstract
Another strange corbel in the church

Deutsche Post - Breiter Weg

The elaborate frontage of the Deutsche Post on Breiter Weg - directly opposite the Hundertwasser building "the Guene Zitadelle" - has a huge number of Green Man carvings

Other locations

Stern Str Planck Str
Alte Burgerhalle Stieger Str. One of two Green Men on this street The second carving
I confess I have no idea on which street this was Another one I photographed some years ago (with old camera and hence poor quality), and I have no idea where it is
Sorry, another one I can't supply a location for