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Muehlhausen is an ancient walled and moted town in Thuringia, at the south end of the Herz Mountains. Largely unspoilt, the town has streets of timber framed houses.


Corbel in the nave. A more elaborate corbel than the one on the left. Prehaps a later copy?
A stunning Green Man corbel in the nave A fourth similar corbel, female
External corbel. A rather starnge face to this Green Man, who is similar in style to the carvings inside the church Tympanum on the south entrance to the church. Difficult to see through the scaffolding. A vine comes out of his mouth and up to the foliage over his head
Roofboss in the nave Roofboss. Black painted face spewing leaves from his mouth. Very unusual
Tympanum on the inside of the church, south side. A Green Man can be found at the top spewing foliage out of his mouth, and at the bottom, 2 animals spew foliage upwards


Gold leaved Green Man corbel in the nave A second corbel. All four are to be found on the south side of the church
The third corbel is an animal (bear?) head The fourth corbel is a pigs head spewing leaves
A fifth corbel in the church. It is unclear exactly what this is, but it could be a fifth Green Man

Other Locations

Felchaer Str. A wooden carved Green Man as part of a wooden doorway Me finding a doorway in the Felchaer Str. with three Green Men carved on it.
A close up of the doorway above Close up of the second Green Man on the doorway
A comical figure on Steinweg A similar wooden doorway to the one above, this time in the Herren Str.
A second Green Man on the doorway in the Herren Str. A third carving on the same doorway
Steinweg. A beast's face with foliage ermerging from his ears