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Leipzig is, with a population of over 511,252, the largest city in Saxony. We have not found one Green Man image in the churches of Leipzig, but the highly ornate buildings in the city have some real treasures.
Leipzig town centre. Two Green Men are partially hidden by the sculptures they are supporting The second carving on the same building
Katherinen Str. Two Foliate heads on this wonderfully ornate building frontage The second carving on the same building
Opposite the ThomasKirche. Unfortunately the building was back lit and I didn't have my good camera with me! I will update this photo as soon as I can On the same building as the image on the left
Opposite the Thomaskirche Newmarkt
Dittrich-Ring 2. On a highly ornate building Ritter Str.
  Pfaffendorferstr. A terrifying foliate mask hardly welcomes visitors to this house
Am Brühl. This wonderful Green Man looks down on shoppers from his place underneath a porch Karl Liebknecht Str
Karl-Liebknscht Str.