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Kyllburg is a small town in the Eifel region of Germany. The Stiftskirche looks down on the town from the top of a hill and externally is completely plain. Inside it is a gem for Green Man hunters.


Entrance to the Stiftskirche. Choir. The Choir stools came from the nearby Monastry at St. Thomas and pre-date the Stiftskirche.
Nave. Above a window. Male Green Man. Opposite the previous figure.
Similar to the carvings above but these 2 are interesting as one is male and the other female. The matching female carving.
A wonderful Green Man in the choir.


Three Green Man images on one corbel
Cloisters. Roof boss. A Green Man surrounded by snakes
Many of these images are wonderfully naive. Hardly surprisingly for the region, this Green Man image features grape vines.
Cloisters. These 2 images look out into the central courtyard of the cloisters. The second of these 2 images.