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Köln (Cologne)

The Cathedral in Cologne is famous for it's twin spires. It can be seen from all over the city. There are many medieval churches in the city, but not many boast Green Men carvings.

Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria

The building of the cathedral began in 1248 but was not completed until 1880.
You have to look closely to spot these carvings, but they make the central feature for every arch point around the cathedral. Every one is slightly different There is a definite scheme for the placement of the carvings on the outside of the cathedral. After a while, you can see where will be angels, grotesques or Green Men. It is much more planned than on many cathedrals I have seen
In the cathedral. It is very dark, and hard to make out the roof bosses, but on one sunny day, this one revealed himself to me. As far as I have found, he is the only foliate head (or Green Man) in the cathedral As well as the multitude of foliate masks and Green Men on the exterior of the Cathedral, there are also a number of faces emerging from leaves or making up the insides of flowers
Flower people. This is just one example of many similar carvings

St. Gereon

St. Gereon is a beautiful unusual vaulted church in the city centre.
One of 3 fantastic Green Man roof bosses in St. Gereon
In the Chancel and difficult to photograph as one cannot gain access to the chancel

Other locations

Sankt Maria im Kapitol. Surprisingly there is just this one Green Man in the church. He is on a confessional In the grounds of Sankt Maria im Kapitol. A font with a Green Man carving. Presumably it used to be in the church
Kuen Str 2. I love this style of foliate mask - quite common in Germany A water tower on the Rhein, near to the Chocolate museum
Subbelrather Str "Moth-head". These carvings are also quite common
Friesen Str. Quite common to some of the carvings on buildings in Dessau Altstadt (Old town)
The old town hall in Cologne has a great many Green Man carvings Here are just two examples