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Ingolstadt is in Bavaria and is part of the Munich metropolitain area. The headquarters of Audi are located there. We visited Ingolstadt as a friend was getting married in the Minster Church.


The "Brautportal" (Bridal entrance) is interestingly the only part of the Minster church exterior with Green Men. Here are 3 in total. Maybe this is significant when one remembers the Green Man as a symbol of fertility The second corbel on the "Brautportal"
Central to the "Brautportal" arch is a third Green Man Corbel in the Nave of the Minster
A second corbel. An unusual carving with teeth Another unusual corbel combining Green Man and tongue poker
A more benign Head with foliage emerging from the head A similar carving


The Moritzkirche is very plain, but in the entrance hall, two foliate head roof bosses have been salvaged and set into the wall. Makes one wonder what else used to be there The second roof boss set into the wall of the entrance porch of the Moritzkirche

Other locations

Old Town hall in Ingolstadt. A foliate head above the main entrance. 1882 A second foliate head on the Town Hall (1882)