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Hildesheim is in Lower Saxony (Nedersaxon). The churches are very similar in style to those that we found in other North German towns, such as Rostock. The carvings, when found are relief carvings, but the predominant form of decoration in the churches is painting.

Basilika St. Godehard

Capital in the nave. The Green Men in this church are very styalised relief carvings. The Green Men on this capital are connected by foliage all the way round. In the centre of each side is an animal biting it's tail; the Christian symbol of Resurrection. Metal railings. Small metal Green Men poking their tongues out can be found all over this screen. The foliage carved into the head is hard to see on the picture.

St. Michaelis

Capital in the nave. Similar in style to the capital in the Basilika. Again, the Green Men are found all around the capital. A second capital in the nave with a similar carving.
Another example of the 'north German' style of Green Man carving.


The Amtshaus, in the market place in Hildesheim was built in 1529 and was originally the business centre for the meat industry in the town. Indeed the cellar was used for cold meat storage.
There are three Green Men carvings on the building.

Other locations

Bernward-Str. Two carvings flank the entrance to a building on this street.