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The Hanseatic city of Hamburg has a population of about 1.8 million people (source Wikipedia) and is the second largest port in Europe. Although heavily bombed in the war, many of it's Green Men carvings have survived, or have been reconstructed.

Hulbe Haus

The Hulbe Haus was built in 1910-11as an Art trading house by Henry Grell. This fantastic building on the Moenkeberg Str has Green Men literally all over it! Hulbe Haus 2
Hulbe Haus 3 Hulbe Haus 4
Hulbe Haus 5 Hulbe Haus 6
Hulbe Haus 7 Hulbe Haus 8
Hulbe Haus 9 Hulbe Haus 10
Hulbe Haus 11. I like this one, hidden in the navel of a male crowned figure. This is similar to some images I have found in churches Hulbe Haus 12
Hulbe Haus 13 Hulbe Haus 14. Similar to number 11, on the other side of the building frontage, this one a female image
Hulbe Haus 15 Hulbe Haus 16

St. Jacobi Church and St. Petri Church

St. Jacobi. A memorial painting in the church with a Green animal at the bottom surrounded by angels St. Petri. A roof boss, probably reconstructed from an earlier carving when the church was restored after war-time bombing. The roof boss occurs twice, over the two south entrances to the church
St. Petri. A female corbel with a crown of leaves

Other locations

Brantstweite. A beautiful building with foliate head decoration coming at right angels from the underneath of a bay window Photo from Alison Shamrock. Unfortunately I don't know the location
A fantastic column photographed by Alison Shamrock. Location unknown Zippelhaus. Building frontage
A second foliate head on Zippelhaus