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Halle (an der Saale)

Halle-an-der-salle is the largest town in Saxon-Anhalt, although Magdeburg is the "county town" (Hauptstadt). It became a thriving centre for Salt mining, and this may be where the name originates.

Dom zu Halle

To the left of a Portal to a side chapel. Similar to other carvings in the Cathedral. Arch Stop. There is a statue below this carving.
Arch Stop. Possibly a representation of Jesus as a foliate head. The foliage has fruit entwined in it. Another similar Arch Stop. This again could be a representation of Jesus as a foliate head.
Arch Stop. Another Arch Stop. Foliate head with open mouth.
A wonderful classic green Man image as Arch stop. Some remarkable imagery here. It is really a face puller and not a green man, but I just had to include him here. Look how is he holding his mouth open with his hands. The beast on the right has something in his mouth and the femals figure on the left is showing her rear. All wonderful images of debauchery and deprevity.
Another traditional Green Man image. Probably the same carver - look at the expression on the face, but here different leaves.
Not a Green Man but a wonderful example of the pious pelican pulling at her breast to feed her young. A symbol of purity and humility. An unusual carving. It is more primitive or naive than some of the others - too four-square. I wonder if this is the work of an apprentice, copying the Green Men carvings of his master.
Another bearded green Man. A fantastic Green Man carving. I think here the master is at work.
Here the Green Man is not on the Roof Boss, but above him. With open mouth, showing his teeth, this character is not of the godly, but of the devil. An unusual carving at the top of a staircase leading back down to the chancel.

Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen

The church contains many similar carvings of strange part animal part fish creatures which seem to emerge from and return into vines and foliage. Most of the carvings date from the mid 16th century  
Wonderful wood carving. A foxes head merging into foliage Another wood carving. An animals head with vines coming from his mouth
  There are Green Men carvings all along this panel

Stadthaus (town hall) in the Market place

On the frontage of the town hall. There are a number of Green Men carvings  

Marktkirche Pffaramt (Offices of the Marktkirche)

Hard to see on the photo, but this carving of an animal spewing foliage, whose tail turns into foliage is wonderful and reminiscent of the carvings in the church A similar carving on the other side of the entrance


Golden Green Man on the pulpit Golden Green Man sitting at the midriff of a human female figure (see left.) Three such images can be seen on a pulpit in the church, a male figure, the female one seen here and a skeleton
Capital in the nave

Other locations

Mauer Str. A foliate head spewing bouquets An der Marienkirche. Above what is now a record shop
These two carvings are on the Halle Berufschule building  
Moritzzwinger. A derelict building dating from the early 1900s, now turned into a piece of modern art called "Hinter den Mauern" (Behind the walls). The windows have been filled with foliage. Very fitting for the home of these two Green Men!  
Marktplatz (market place.) Two carvings flank the entrance to a Subway sandwich bar Schmeer Str. Building dated 1901
Schmeer Str. A wonderful piece of Jugendstil architecture with two Green Men carvings