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Halberstadt is in Saxon-Anhalt in Germany. It is a small town with, rather amazingly, 9 churches. Almost all of them were to some degree or other damaged in the war, but are now being, or have been restored. The Cathedral exterior is still being restored.

Dom (Cathedral of St. Stephen)

Near the entrance to the cathedral Nave roof boss
Corbel in the nave The face of Christ as a Green Man. This Roof boss is near the screened entrance to the choir


A partition between the Nave and Choir. 4 Green men in a row carved along the top of the partition wall
Katherine Chapel. A pair of screen sides from the Choir are placed here. On this one a creature, whose rear end is an animal and whose head is human has a vine coming out of it's mouth. The other screen has an animal whose tail becomes a vine chewing on branch.
Liebfraukirche Cloisters. Green Men carved into a salvaged piece of stone. I wonder where they came from?
Liebfraukirche Cloisters. An exhibition of remnants from houses destroyed in the war is displayed there. This is a wooden carving.


We had only a few minutes in here, but immediately found 3 green men. Unfortunately there wasn't time to photograph them properly. This one, along with one other was on the Pulpit. The church is no longer used as a place of worship, but for exhibitions and concerts