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Goslar is a pretty town of wood-timber houses in the northern Harz region.


External column. These wonderful carvings date from the 1200s Each side of the carving shows a different face
A third column on the outside of the church In the nave just below the organ loft


A pulpit dating from 1610 has 6 foliate head carvings around it Two more foliate heads on the same pulpit
Two more faces with different expressions Another face close up
Further carvings on the pulpit
A Green Man carving overlooking the Chancel. What does the other carving on this column represent?

St. Jakobi kirche

A Pulpit in the church. These carvings are almost identical to those in the Markkirche A classic foliate head carving. This pulpit probably dates from the 1600s like the pulpit in the Marktkirche

Other locations

The corner of Markt and Breite Str Marktplatz
Museum in der Kaiserpfalz. Photo by Christiane Thal