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A delightful university town in the south west of the Harz region.


Papendiek. Building frontage on a main street in Goettingen. There are many carvings on this building, all slightly different.

St Johanniskirche

Main entrance Tympanum of St Johns. Note the 2 foliate heads marked by arrows. Other locations
Johannis-Str. Building frontage. A second carving on the same building.
Pauliner Str. Thomas Buergethal Haus. Two carvings on the fronatge of the house dated 1902. Pauliner Str. Thomas Buergethal Haus. A second carving.
Goettingen St. Peter und Paul. This building is no longer a church but now part of the university Library. Theater Str. A building frontage has 4 foliate heads decorating it. I wonder if these represent actors who worked here, or playwrights?
Theater Str. Theater Str.
Theater Str.