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Frankfurt is the largest city in Hessen, and the 5th largest city in Germany. An impressive modern skyline blends with an old town of reconstructed wood frame houses. The area around the old Guildhall is literally teeming with Green Men, and one can enjoy them whilst indulging in white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and coffee in Starbucks, which has green men all around the building, a former Pharmacy.

St. Bartholomäus Dom

There are 2 beautiful roof bosses in the cathedral I didn't have my tripod with me that day. I will have to go back and retake these carvings.
A corbel in the Nave

Braubach Str

Above Starbuchs coffee Shop.There are Green Men carvings all around this building, a former Pharmacy.
Another building on the same street, also with a number of Green Man carvings.
Another building in the same street, which lies just off the Town Hall square Relief carving


There are Green Men carvings all around the front of the Guildhall

Other locations

Restaurant "Zum Schwarzen Stern" (to the black star), also on the town hall square. There are a number of different carvings on the building Saalgasse, just off the town hall square, leading to the cathderal
Alte St. Nikolaskirche. The old church lies on one side of the town hall square. This lovely painted roof boss is in the Nave