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Erfurt is in the state of Thuringen in the former East Germany. It is not only the capital city of the State of Thuringen but it is also the state's largest city with a population of nearly 200,000 citizens. On one site over-looking the city are the Mariendom and right next to it the St. Severus church. Whilst I was the there, the Church of St. Severus was closed for refurbishments, but it should now be re-opened; I must get back there! Erfurt has to be one of the Green Man capitals of Germany, surely the Green Man capital of Eastern Germany. I have not pictured them all here.

Mariensdom (Cathedral)

A wonderful gold-leaved roof boss in the Nave of the Cathedral There are Green Men too numerous to picture them all here in the choir of the cathedral. Here are just a selection
This is one of my favourite carvings. He is on the steps leading up to the cathedral. The ivy coming from his mouth and creeping around his head is so delicate Outside the cathedral are very many Green Men carvings. Here are just a few examples


The first time I saw these Corbels they weren't painted. I was delighted to see them so colourful on my second visit
A gold leaved roof boss
Foliage coming out of his eyes and chin Gold leaved vines coming from the ears of this Green Man capital in the Nave of the church
A foliate head with acorns A three-sided Green Man corbel in an entrance alcove to the side of the church

Rathaus (Town Hall)

One of my all time favourites. An unusual Green Lady corbel on the town hall in the Market place in Erfurt. She is so serene. 1870-1874 Her male counterpart. 1870-1874


At first glance, apart from the wooden pulpit carvings, there are no Green Men in the Reglerkirche. However, in an office, whose door just happened to be ajar, I noticed an old capital, no longer in situ, and unfortunately damaged with this wonderful Green Man carving Wooden carving on the pulpit
The cloisters are not normally open to the public, but a very helpful church warden allowed to go and take a look at the little that remains. Here we found this fantastic Green Man capital

Other locations

"Das Schnitzel Haus am Dom". In the market place below the cathderal. Building dated 1905 Deutsche Post on Anger (that's the name of the road.) There are numerous carvings on this building. Green Men carvings are quite common on post office buildings in Germany
Relief carving on the Regierung Str. Building dated 1540 China / Thai restaurant on Paul Str
Kaufmann Str. Green Lion Restaurant on Fischmarkt. Building dated 1892. There are numerous carvings on this building
Corner of Anger and Maienberg Str