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Dessau, in Saxon-Anhalt, and where I live and work in the Anhaltische Philharmonie is a town of around 80,000 inhabitants, and a vast theatre. We are currently in the second season of a Ring Cycle. Dessau was 90% destroyed in world war 2, and only a few old buildings remain, all in the area Dessau-Nord. Nevertheless, I have found a few Green Men here.

Dessau - Nord

Hans Heiner Str 3 Albrecht Str
A second metal work sculpture on the same building in the Albrecht Str Friedrich-Schneider Str
Sebastian Bach Str on the corner with the Albrecht Str Kurt-Weil-Str. The building is dated 1895. Again, this is similar in style to the Friesen Str and Hans Heiner Str
Kurt-Weil-Str. Humperdink Str on the corner with the Albrecht Str. There are two corner carvingson this facade
Frederiekenplatz Johannisstr.
Johannisstr. Johannisstr.
Oranienstr. A row of Foliate heads on a window sill Tornauer Str 35. Building Frontage. Photo by Christiane Thal


There are 3 carvings on the building at Wasserstadt. It is now used as a day centre for the elderly and a youth club  

Andere Orte

The Museum for town history is on the site of an old manor house in the town. All that remains now of the original building is a solitary entrance archway, with a rather menacing looking Green Animal.