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Coburg in Bavaria was once a walled town. It is on the river Itz. I have not yet visited Coburg, and the following Green Men were all found and photographed by Jan Ebert


Arch stop. A beautiful benign face, possibly female A second Arch stop. Another fantastic carving
A memorial in the church. A more modern representation of the Green Man A second similar figure on the memorial


A total of 8 different heads are repeated here. Highly stylised and quite unusual


Above a Chemist on Bahnhofstr. Another Green Man on Bahnhofstr.
Also on Bahnhofstr.


An Arch Stop in the inside courtyard of the castle A second arch stop
A tongue-poking foliate head corbel A second tongue-poking foliate head
They just keep coming.....
The first Green Man foliate head amongst this group .


. .