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The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the second most populated city in northerm Germany.

Dom St. Petri

External A second similar external carving
External pillar The second side of the same pillar
Third side of the pillar External. This carving at first looks like just a head, but actually has foliage all around it
A hidden gem high up above the entrance portal Iron railings around the chancel
Not strictly speaking a Green Man, but the imagery is the same Roof boss left of chancel
A second roof boss next to the other one. There are a lot of representations of Adam and Eve in the cathedral. Possibly these 2 roof bosses are also male / female representations Capital
Wooden chairs. Date unknown. Three Green Man carvings of superb quality are hidden on the sides of these chairs A second face hidden in the leaves
The third Green Man on the front of a chair arm
Second carving on the chair arms A memorial with a number of Green Men
Memorial Green Man 2 Memorial Green Man 3


Liebefraukirche / St. Martini Kirche

Liebfraukirche: External St. Martinikirche: Roof Boss in the nave. Dates from 1295. Although the church was damaged in the war, the roof boss and the corbel stop below thankfully survive
Martinikirche: Corbel stop. 1295  

Altes Rathaus (Town Hall)

External. A fantastic carving where the face is raised and spewing vines and fruit. Bacchus?  

Other Locations

Domsheide. Building frontage Peek und Cloppenburg (originally a Trades house)
A second similar but not identical carving "Der Schütting" (Marktplatz). An ornate building dating from 1537
"Der Schütting" "Der Schütting"
"Der Schütting" "Der Schütting"
"Der Schütting" "Der Schütting"
"Der Schütting" "Der Schütting"
2 wooden carvings above a window on the same building "Der Schütting"  - underneath the eaves
Another 2 similar carvings "Der Schütting"
two more under the eaves Schnoor - underneath a window
Sitting eating lunch - Aiden suddenly spotted this Green Man lion. Well done Aiden! (Schnoor) A wrought iron gate in Schnoor
Commerz Bank Bredenstr.