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Braunschweig (Brunswick)

Braunschweig is in the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersaxon). I didn't manage to get round all the churches in the one day trip I made there, but found some fantastic Green Men in those that I did visit. Photos taken by Alan Evans.

St. Magni Church

The church was begun in 1252 and extended in the early 1400s. The medieval carvings are in sharp juxtoposition to fabulous modern stained glass windows.
Nave north aisle corbel. Beautifully painted. Although the church was destroyed in WW2, these fantastic carvings survived and have been restored. South side. Corbel.
This exceptional carving is in the nave, north ailse. The corbel is very easy to miss as it is now partially hidden by a baroque (monstrous) archway. The face is not entirely human. Chancel roof boss. As the other carvings here, beautifully painted.
Not a Green Man, but I couldn't resist this lovely carving of a lamb poking it's head out of foliage. Also not a Green Man, but a lovely tongue poker in the Nave.

Braunsweiger Dom

There are not so many carvings in the Cathedral, and those that are there are different in style to the Churches of St Magni and St. Agidien. However, the cathedral has superb twisted capitals and stunning ceiling paintings in the chancel. This corbel Green Man is in the nave , looking towards the south entrance. Nave, north side, roof boss.
Another variation on the Green Man. A face surrounded by petals. Also in the nave. Also not a Green Man, but a lovely tongue poker in the Nave on the opposite side of the same capital as the Green Man carving.

St. Agidien

Roof boss. The church is very "open plan", but the 3 roof bosses are to be found directly above the alter, which is in front of what would have been the chancel area. Roof boss. A similar roof boss to the one on the left, positioned directly adjacent.
Roof boss. A different interpretation of the Green Man.

Klosterkirche St. Marien (Riddagshausen)

Roof boss. In a side chapel off the nave of this former nunnery. This carving is very similar in style to the roof bosses in teh Agidien Church. Quite possibly the same mason worked on both churches.

Other Locations

I took this a few years ago on a brief visit to Braunschweig with an orchestra. Unfortunately I have no idea where in the town he is! Sorry!