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Brandenburg an der Havel is in the state of Brandenburg. It is located on the banks of the Havel river. It has a small population of around 74,000. Although the town of Brandenburg is less known than the state of Brandenburg, it provided the name for the current state of Brandenburg.

Dom Peter and Paul (Cathedral)

Crypt. The crypt is full of fantastic carvings with some great symbolism, but this is the only Green Man Cloisters. A Green Man with birds either side of him
Cloisters. Difficult to photograph as the face is looking upwards out of the foliage Green Man or not? His hair is clearly leaves and he has a vine coming from his chin. Around him are two tail biting serpents, another symbol of rejuvernation

Katherinenkirche (St. Katherine's Church)

This Backstein church is typical of many north German churches in that it has a richly painted ceiling. The paintings date from the 1300s
A memorial in this wonderfully painted Backstein church. There are 8 Green Men on the memorial, which dates from the 1600s An angel's face spewing bouquets
Another Green man on the memorial The church's information leaflet describes this as a jester, but the "hat" looks like foliage to me.
Another interesting painting. A figure grasping a plant has jesus ermerging from his shoulder, with foliage coming out of his ears and head Another curious image on the ceiling. A baby emerging from a tree holding a sun

Dresdener Bank (Markplatz)

These carvings cannot really be called Green Men but they are obviously inspired by the same sort of idea A second similar image on the Dresdener Bank
There are 2 of these carvings higher up on the building. In total there are 8 carvings on the bank Opposite the Karolinenkirche over the entrance to the Sparkasse bank