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Augsburg is in the south-west of Bavaria . It is the second oldest city in Germany after Trier .

Dom Sankt Maria

North Entrance. Corbel underneath a statue North entrance. There are so many carvings around this entrance, not just Green Men. This corbel is supporting a statue of a saint
North entrance. A female head Another corbel near the north entrance
North entrance. A pair of Foliate masks North entrance. Second of the pair
North entrance. A female head North entrance. A truely wonderful carving
North entrance. In the corner of each of the double doors is a wonderful Green Man North entrance. The second image
North entrance. The second set of doors North entrance. A fourth image
North entrance. An absolutely unique carving. An owl, symbol of darkness with foliage as wings South side near to main entrance. Two Green Men next to each other. The style is similar to many of the other strange carvings around the cathedral
The second Green Man near to the main Cathedral entrance on the south side. He is looking out towards the people passing by North Aisle overlooking memorial
North entrance. A roof boss just inside the entrance, inside the entrance on the north side where all the fantastic carvings are outside North aisle. At first glance, the foliage here looks like hair. On closer viewing it is clearly leaves emerging from his nose
West end arch stop West end arch stop. Very different in style from the one on the left
West end. A third arch stop and once again totally different in style East end. Behind the altar. The railings separating chapels from the main body of the cathedral have many Green Man images, if one looks closely!
A second Green Man hidden in the railings A further Green Man

Other Locations

Moritzplatz. A fountain in the square has Green Men all the way round hidden in the railings Ulrichplatz. On this building are a number of Green Men
The second carving at number 42 Ulrichplatz A Green beast on the same building
Philippine Welser Str. number 5. Above a doorway Dom Hotel. Foliate heads all the way around the building
Ineres Pfaffengaesschen Karmelitengasse nr. 1
Karmelitengasse nr. 1 Karmelitengasse nr. 1
Karmelitengasse nr. 1