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Aschaffenburg is in Bavaria, although the inhabitants consider themselves to be Franconians. This tiny town boasts a castle as well as the Stiftskirche.


Nave roof boss. This poor Green Man. They have fixed a light fitting to his nose! Such a wonderful carving, from around 1200, and spoilt by a light fitting Corbel in chancel. Dates from 1220
Horned Green Man on a memorial blowing into bugles filled with flowers. Maybe this carving is related to the wild-wose

Other locations in Aschaffenburg

Fountain outside the Stiftskirche. The fountain was rebuilt this century as an exact copy of the original. The Green Men water spouts can be found on every side Schlossgasse. Justizgebauede (Justice house)
Erthelstrasse. Dated 1892.